About Us


Approximately 15 years ago we started fundraising for youth baseball, and quickly found out what a challenging journey we were on. We did the same boring, unexciting, things for the first few years; and then after we had enough we started Mad Sports Group. We started MSG with the intentions of bringing outside the box fundraising into organizations, and giving individuals the necessary tools to earn money. Therefore, when it comes to the activities, parents can afford it and kids can enjoy it. We are on a new journey together, and we hope that together we can allow more kids to enjoy the wonder that is sports.

Giving Back:

In addition to raising nearly $500,000 dollars for teams and youth groups, Mad Sports Group Fundraising gives out 5 scholarships to graduating seniors. We believe supporting our children and our communities is an investment in all of our futures.


We are dedicated to making sports affordable for all kids so they can learn the valuable life lessons they have to offer. In respecting this commitment, we are professional, diligent, business partners who deliver high quality products with a service minded attitude.


Mad Sports Group fills needs NOW. We help give young people great experiences!


  • Customer Focused Fundraising
  • Get the best people
  • Culture of Discipline>
  • Balancing Structure & Freedom
  • Minimal Bureaucracy
  • Ethics in Entrepreneurship
  • Honesty & Integrity